The Best iPhone Docking Station on the Market.... Period

Walk in the office, put your iPhone on the docking station and now you have a professional grade speakerphone, handset and dialpad. Zigee also makes sure that your iPhone is always charged for the on-the-go person.

What can Zigee do for your iPhone

Professional Grade Speakerphone
Our engineers come from the telephony industry with goal of creating the same experience on your smartphone. When taking important business calls, sound clarity is crucial and with Zigee, you get nothing but the best.
Professional Grade Handset
Just as important as a clear sounding speakerphone is a clear sounding handset. Not only does Zigee give your phone a full handset, but it sounds crisp and is comfortable to use.
Full Dial Pad
Time is everything when working and now with Zigee, you do not need to unlock your phone to make a phone call. Just like you are used to, dial a number on the Zigee and watch your iPhone initiate the call.
Stay Charged at all Times
Whether your phone keeps running out of battery or you just like to always be fully charged, Zigee will make sure you are ready to go! Just drop your phone onto Zigee and make sure you are ready for the day ahead of you.
Tons of Features + Siri
We believe in being able to put your iPhone down and not have to touch it. That's why we have given quick access to features like redial, mute, hold, conference and volume control. You can also do hands free dialing thanks to a dedicated Siri button!
Healthy Alternative
With all the growing research into our phones and their long term impact, why not give yourself a break. Leave your phone on the table and experience a truly hands free experience like nothing else.

Compatible iPhone Models

iPhone 4 & 4s
iPhone 5 & 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X