Your Future Hotel Experience

Your Future Hotel Experience

In an ever changing world, there has been one reasonable constant; the hotel adventure. The industry has taken minimal advantage of the many benefits of four current technologies: Internet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Phones and RFID. Sometime within the next few years the following experience will be yours.

You research a vacation, choose a destination, a hotel and make an online reservation. After completing the reservation the hotel reaches out to you, via an auto email response, confirming your request. The email also explains the benefits to completing the attached form highlighting your favorite activities, restaurants and entertainments. You will also be asked to download the hotel application onto your smartphone. These two small requests if completed, will dramatically change your idea of what a travel experience should be.

Beyond the standard communication currently between hotel and guest prior to arriving, the following interactions will create that great wow factor.



A shuttle will be notified and sent to the airport upon your arrival. When you get to the hotel, the app will let you know your room status and when you can check in.

The potentially pain-full check in process as we know it today is quickly bypassed as you are automatically checked in once you enter and are connected to the hotel Wi-Fi. Your room key which was downloaded earlier is now activated on your smartphone and you proceed to your room.

You will notice, there are no wired phones in the room, only a Zigee Dock to charge and connect to your smartphone. Your smartphone has now become your hotel phone complete with room to room calling and access to all hotel services. You now have the ability to receive or place all calls anywhere in the hotel campus without incurring any usage or roaming charges. Your hotel phone and room number becomes your communication method of choice whether in or out of the hotel.

Through the hotel app your smartphone has access to any hotel or external events. You will be able to review restaurants or entertainment that fits your earlier identified preferences. You will be able to check out menus and make reservations via your smartphone and charge all bills to your hotel room in or out of the hotel.

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