What is a Cloud Mobile PBX and why should I deploy it?

What is a Cloud Mobile PBX and why should I deploy it?

The simple description of a Cloud Mobile Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a hosted solution offered by a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) offering Mobile extensions and Mobile business lines over an LTE Network. The industry term for this solution is VoLTE or Voice over Long Term Evolution.

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In its purest form there are no wired desk sets, nor wired business lines nor broadband services offered or required. The solution can only be provided by an MNO. Rogers is the first Mobile Operator in Canada offering VoLTE to its smartphone customers with its product Unison. The mobile PBX delivers many of the most used features of wired cloud or premised based PBX systems.

For small companies it is a quick and inexpensive strategy. A storefront telephone number is assigned. This number becomes the marketing front for the new business. All smart phones can now be reached through one number in a single call. It provides enterprise UM for auto attendant and voice mail, extension to extension calling, the ability to transfer and conference calls.

This solution is a game changer for growing companies. New businesses can now add mobile voice to the services they receive from the cloud. They no longer have to worry about the cost and complexity of managing the IT infrastructure.

The expression “work is not a place you go to but something you do” has never been more accurate. Employees can easily work from anywhere and always appear as if they are in a company office. All out bound calls can show the main company number.

If employees are traveling out country roaming costs can be a thing of the past. Simply connect to any remote Wi-Fi network and start making non cellular chargeable calls. All of this is transparent to the called party whether it is an internal or an external call. This is completely available without the costly Unified Communications ( UC) features required in wired IP systems. Growing companies can now focus on new business and not complicated supporting infrastructure.

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