Meet Zigee, your last Business Phone

Zigee is the last phone you will ever need. It is a business phone, a conference phone, a home office phone, a home phone and a smartphone charger all in one. It gives you everything you love about your deskphone with professional quality handset, hands-free calling and full dial pad.

With 40 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we made sure Zigee had all the most popular features people use on a regular basis which includes redial, conference, mute, hold and volume control. Hands are tied up? You can start a voice dial using any application including Siri, Google Now and Cortana with one button.



Zigee Dock Solution to Business Phone

USB Type-C Cradle Now Available at the Store!


With a professional grade speakerphone, you can roam your office while on calls without losing any quality

Shared Workspace

Keep your calls private and clear with your HD handset

Conference Room

Crystal clear microphone and speaker make it the ideal tool for conferences 

Home Office

Keep the office feel right from home with a full dial pad, handset and speakerphone

Using Zigee is as Easy as 1-2-3

We know your work life is hectic and difficult, your phone shouldn't be

Walk into Work
Pair your Phone
Work Productively
Leave Fully Charged

We support almost all smartphones

If you don't believe us, check for yourself!

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We are proud of our work.

and especially what people say about it

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks for allowing me to test drive Zigee for the past two weeks. There is only one word to best describe my experience….. AWESOME!! Congratulations for developing a docking station that is user friendly, flexible with all mobile devices, reliable and fun to use. The performance and quality of Zigee sets it apart from anything like in the marketplace. Again, congratulations to you and your team for creating this wonderful desktop communications product that is long overdue.

Dan Testa President/ CEO, TCI

Zigee allows users to experience the benefits and strengths of fixed and mobile telephony in a simple to use form factor we are all familiar with. Zigee is more than a simple docking station for your smart phone, it represents fixed / mobile convergence at it’s best.

Carl Carruthers CEO, Teldio Corporation

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people with the Zigee and love it. Not only can I talk on my phone hands free (and hear the conversation clearly) but I can charge it at the same time. The sound quality is phenomenal, even when I’m playing songs on it. My children really appreciate the fact that I’m no longer holding the phone next to my head because of health risk associated with cell phones. I think the biggest advantage for me is that I’m not holding the phone on my shoulder and neck while trying to do tasks, which usually involves me dropping the phone or accidentally ending phone calls with clients. Overall the Zigee adds convenience like no other device, I can’t imagine living without it.

Joni Fitzgerald Partner, Laser Treatment Clinic

I have been using the Zigee desktop device for the past 4 months. I use the device to interact with my BlackBerry Bold cell phone. The functionality is excellent and the hands free mode delivers exceptional voice quality. Since having the device, I have removed my traditional PBX desk phone, and solely rely on the Zigee device. My Blackberry is always charged, and I can dial seamlessly from my personal and business contacts from my Blackberry directory. I love it.

Paul Butcher President, HostedBizz Inc.

My business life is complicated. The way I communicate shouldn’t be. One phone, one desk set and all the functions of both my cell phone and a desk set in one unit.

Brian Larter Marketing Specialist, Larter & Asscociates


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